House of Un-American Activities

Drop Ceiling

2017, Site-responsive installation,
Modified fluorescent light fixture, chains


LCD screen embedded in wall, magazine cutouts, text animation

above- video documentation,
right- stylized multi-perspective documentation


Red Shift
Lightbox embedded in wall


CURSE: A Study in Acts of Violence
2017, Looped HD video containing samples of motion capture data


Tips for Wealth Redistribution
2017, Site responsive installation

Money-gun, US currency, acrylic boxes, metal stands

The gallery or museum staff is in charge of maintaining this work. The gallery or museum provides as much money as they can in fresh bills at start. The money-gun is refilled about every twenty minutes. Once all the bills are transferred over, they are stacked into bundles facing the same way, and put back in the original box. Any old bills or bills of different denominations may hamper with the proper functioning of the money-gun.